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Lizzy's Story

Lizzy also known as Lizzie/Lily was born Elizabeth Mary on 15th July 1884.  She spent most of her life in Geraldine Square, off Brown Street in The Liberties, Dublin with her beloved dog Bonzo.  An incredibly strong lady and a member of Cumann na mBan, Lizzy was a critical thinker who had a beautiful way with words.

A gentle person who adored children and animals, Lizzy was an extremely talented pianist often performing publicly across the city.  Her resilience, creativity and love for Dublin and Ireland is the inspiration for Lizzy's Lane.



Jackie a True Blue was born in Holles Street & grew up in South Dublin after spending a stint in both Sligo & Cork. She went Stateside after leaving school and having lived in the four corner's of the USA she with her wonderful creative streak in tow, literally set up shop with her family in New England. 

With a background in illustration and design, Jackie has developed her artwork to bring joy and laughter to the hearts of young and old alike.

Fiona was born in the Rotunda but emigrated to the foothills of the Dublin Mountains on the Southside when she was just a few days old.  With inner city family connections to The Liberties and Summerhill she also spent a remarkable amount of her childhood on Sundrive Road and on Bond Street Dublin 8.  

Fiona has a special affinity with Sligo & France.  She lived in Lyon, regularly visits Paris and holds Collioure in her heart. She is mum to the real boss who along with her folks inspire her creative side. With a background in communications and design, she enjoys music, photography, art, and writing. Atha Cliath Abú!

Low Down

C'mere n' I tell ye, these two fine things who can be a bit wired at times have decided to collaborate and reflect on their shared heritage by exploring Ireland's rich humour and the art of communication through illustration and words.  They get their knickers in a twist at times especially when creatively things are going a bit haywire but once they let off steam and take a breather they get their groove back.  

They both come from the same neck of the woods and knocked around together in their teenage years often trying to play it cool as they gallivanted around with their shaggy perms and bleached jeans.  They never lost touch and are now pulling out all the stops to bring their very own creations onto Lizzy's Lane.  Have a gander, hand on me heart you won't be disappointed!